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Hackspace 2.5
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Hackspace 2.5 is the new downstairs section of our space. It is a work in progress but has partly opened up for general use. Currently Electronics, CNC and the Blue Room are fully opened.

You will find the main route to Hackspace 2.5 is sign posted from the back door of the Hackspace 2.0 Metalworking Area. It's also possible to access this area from the street level doors on Roden Street at the north side of the building.

Floor plan

Note Note: Floor Plans are stored on the Nottinghack github page.

Work in progress, help out

Painters at work (September-October 2016)

Work on Hackspace 2.5 started after a decision to proceed with the project at the AGM on 2015-12-03. A dedicated team of members have been working on the space every Tuesday evening since we got the keys to the unit.

If you would like to help out, ask on the 2.5 Slack channel. Some 2.5 jobs are listed on the Trello and 2.5 ToDo page. Other ways to help Nottinghack are on the Volunteering page.

Some of the progress is documented on the Project page.

Hackspace 2.5 Trello

Trello is used for outstanding tasks, see Hackspace 2.5 Trello page.

Trello is a project management system, where you can create lists, add tasks to the lists, and then move tasks as they are completed. For those who have worked with Agile projects, it works in a similar way to a Kanban board. See ToDo for more information.

The Hackspace 2.5 Trello tasks:


There is a pledge drive to raise funds for 2.5, see Fundraising.

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